organize with one question

Organize Life with One Question

What is the future benefit? If nothing, give it away, let it go, ixnay the apcray. As I get older and closer to God, as I organize my life I am reminded that none of these Earthly treasures, trials, or tribulations will go to heaven with me. Why suffer them any longer here on Earth? Beauty and joy exists abundantly today.

I looked to heaven
As a little one
Staring at magnificence 
Copping long wondrous views

Clouds to take my breath 
Thickly dark in the middle
Outlined so vividly bright
Blue sky perfectly sky blue

Now having time again
I laze on my swinging bench
Looking straight out, up
Oh the view, deja vu!

I can feel, almost see God
Peeking out for me
Earthly days dwindle
Oh the glory that is to come!

Physical Organization

It becomes easier to decide what to keep and what to let go of, if you imagine possibilities. When future uses fall short, why hold onto that dust-catching eyesore? Clutter be gone. On the other hand are tools and items of beauty. These things are icing on the cake of life. I admit, I like extra icing. I am a maximalist and that’s ok, if I am intentional about it and it benefits me.

Maximalism Organization

Mental Clearing to Organize Life

Lies and negative feedback rattling in the mind will recirculate without pause. Feelings and thoughts, just like physical possessions, need to be carefully curated and sometimes disposed of.

Consider the benefit of that thought. Organize your thoughts with that one question. If it is harmful, actively call it out. Acknowledge it, but is it true and helpful? It may be. Usually our rumination thoughts are not at all true. Pause to stop the track that is playing. What is the future benefit?

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