Being willing to learn something can put you ahead, pull you out of a rut, and make each day more interesting. Curated here are free resources to jumpstart your joy!

Morning Brew

Checkout these learning tools Morning Brew (subscribe to their newsletter for a quick morning read of events) has rolled out: Marketing 101 and Finance 101. Don’t miss the sections on free courses and certifications. ON these lists, they avoided old boring articles and added lots of videos, podcasts, and favorite personalities “to help you get a 101-level understanding of complex business topics.” Great stuff.


Coursera classes from universities like Stanford and Yale are available for free! I have personally taken a free course through Coursera and it was legit! I studied gamification at Wharton, received a certificate, and altered my management programs for my teams in corporate life.

TED Talks are Free
Free Podcasts to Learn and be Inspired

Christine Hassler’s podcast, “Over It and On With It” helps heal the harm that we and others do to ourselves. Regret is a debilitating feeling. The episode on managing your inner critic may be helpful, along with many of her other ones. Check her out for many aha moments!
Sidehustle School So many great (and short) episodes. This podcast helps you to get your creative juices going; to hear about possibilities so that you can start to build your vision and to take steps toward new ventures. Mompreneur Sidehustle is one example.

Online Courses

Udemy offers many inexpensive courses and has great sales to watch for too.

Skillshare has lots of great courses for free.
The 46 Best Free Courses is a great resource for you to brainstorm.

Audiobooks – Free for One Month
Nature Provides Well Being

From natural products to spending time in nature, one can learn great joy and peace as well as meaningful lessons when all things natural are contemplated and incorporated into daily living. For example the weather, so much rain, yet still the flowering trees are beautiful. That is life literally and metaphorically. One can find comfort if the lessons in nature are considered to be instructive for life.