Change this season

Change This Season Without Distraction

Stumped for a couple of weeks, I paused to acknowledge this and became aware of some distractions. I can postpone writing, creating, collaborating, growing, and giving. There are windows of time, when we choose not to … not to do that, not to do this. We choose to be distracted. Or we can change this season, this overwhelm and judgement, now.

As I have written about before, first comes awareness, then action. I have an action plan, starting with writing a poem to get into flow, and then add some thoughts preceding the poem. Later, I can box up that distracting collection hoarded at my feet in my painting area. I can bin paper and party goods to create space in a pantry and a cupboard. If I move the kennel (Kylie died forever ago) to the garage I have a place in the laundry room for the bin. The towels from the bin can go in the basket on top of the bin where the kennel used to be and will cover the rags and look pretty and be available for pool guests.

Those same things that overwhelm and distract, come with harsh judgement. It’s a cycle. It can be a moment, a season, a whole year or decades. You can pause to embrace and change. Focus does wisp away distraction. Think of how many tabs are open. Close some tabs and get to the good stuff with intention. “This moment make wholesome!”

Change This Season

Harvest and gather 
Days are sometimes crisp
Yet warmed by sunshine
While leaves fall every wisp

More apples and mums
Less skin, choose sleeves
Stunning moon even at day
Ghosts our child believes

Dragging pots to the garage
Lantana gone gargantuan
Herbs, geraniums, spikes
Years to give again and again

Porches come alive
Gardens brown down
Twinkly lights mesmerize
Pumpkins galore adorn town

Hibiscus and tropicals
Moved in to sunny windows
Outside a blanket of straw 
Elephant ears readied for lows

Breathe deeply my love
Heartfelt days to come
Time gone by, well spent
This moment make wholesome!


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