on the cusp and breakthroughs

On the Cusp and Breakthroughs

Last week I referred to a “what’s next” philosophy.  Today I am feeling “on the cusp”.  Popping into my head this morning, this positive vibe gives me direction, and fuels breakthroughs.

I had a 9 am adventure to a beautiful park.  I was prepared to pull out all the stops on my tennis game, and then I was completely derailed by a new super talkity partner. There cannot be a breakthrough with an anchor.  I still am on the cusp of next level mastery.

Later I will get dad’s groceries, on the cusp of bringing him satisfaction by driving extra far to get his favorite store brand of four items. Will it appease him or should I just go where it is so much closer? 

A second round of tennis this evening will give me the chance to take physical exertion to the next level.  Last time I played twice in one day I was  exhausted the following day and got killed in a morning singles match.  This time I don’t actually have a match the next day.  Am I on the cusp of a new level? Ha probably more likely on the cusp of a nap!

I am on the cusp of transitioning decor to Fall from Summer after pulling yellow ceramic and summer tchotchkes and replacing them with galvanized metal and Fall colored Crotons. Cupped up orange Marigolds now may dominate the fuscia tones on the main porch. More inspired changes are coming, I feel them. Harvested mugwort, a wreath, a pumpkin …. Fall display is a work in progress this week.  I’m loving the changes so far and am so glad I stepped into it.

I am going inward with confidence and when I do that it feels good. Facebook notoriously creates doubts in ourselves.  I can enjoy in person connections, continue to not post about them, and stop feeding Facebook with likes.

I could be on the cusp of pulling down and collating posts in a publishable format.  We shall see.  That might require collaboration and time that I won’t give.

Stepping into moments with comfort and confidence to decline, accept, initiate, reciprocate, be there, be here, and just be, is beautiful. One time after another, authentic, gracious surrender is key.  On the cusp where pain is less, and morality is better, I trust in the Lord, seek all things through him, knowing Jesus is my savior.  Amen. 

What a comfort my faith is, on the cusp of making a move off my swinging bench!!

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