Solutions that change your reality

Simple Solutions that Change Your Reality

I grabbed my journal to therapeutically list out the immediate, successive maladies hitting me upon waking this morning (and every day for that matter). I could not. My vision impairment (possibly my number one affliction) prevented my ability to see and write with just a table lamp on.  I put the journal back and planned to move into greater daylight later.  Writing down helps me accept and compartmentalize. However, lists and awareness are not solutions to change your reality.

So, I put the journal back and I returned to reading on my IPad. This article was next in my inbox. Seth Godin addresses challenges in the business arena. His prompts help tackle personal issues too. As I read I have a thought pop into my mind. Aha! Maybe a clip on book light will make a difference for reading and writing in dim daylight. The point is, sometimes we can create an instant move forward.   Resourcefulness and innovative thinking, curating and sharing solutions such as “SethSpeak” is the jelly on my PBJ.

Solutions that change your reality

The image featured for this post is my reality. Vitreous degeneration causes floaters and hazy vision. See how I can’t see, imagine in dim light! What comes next? Put the journal back and the magazine down or switch on a booklight? I may have to start wearing a headlamp bahaha. Our habits, when there are limitations, may need tweaking, tools, or better processing. What’s next with that list of challenges of mine? I still will journal them, that list will be great fodder for disruptive thinking.  It’s time.  That rut is about to get washed out. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to change things up. Thanks Seth, I’m passing it on.

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