The Season You Are In

The Season You are In

I am in a season, and baby it’s NOT cold outside, the season that I am embracing is one of acceptance and peace, laced with comforts. Awareness followed by actions for the season we are in can intensify and improve what is actually a stage of life. This is how life looks at 5536.

Interactions intersperse treasured quiet times. Visits to distribute and gather good cheer begin at homes of family and continue with friend and stranger connections. Missions, adventures, and appointments equally hold court. Cooking seems to serve many purposes so, for example Brown Butter Maple Blondies, are likely to happen in the coming weeks.

Building permaculture and sustainability on my acre by keeping resources on my property, has become a mantra. Planning chop and drop as soon as things dry up from this last week of rain is brewing in my mind. Sources are overgrown vines, invasive flowers like phlox in beds and wildflowers in the back five. Challenging myself to get a hill of greens will result in cleared garden areas and another new compost heap. Yay! Gathering leaves to mulch and pile to prepare a hill of leaf mulch, gold for gardens, is high on my resource list too.

This is the season to take comfort. Do you have a burden, a fear, a hindrance that you could try reframing? I read a comforting thought on my ongoing vision impairment. If I think of my haze and floaters as something special, as friendly energy orbs, it helps me to accept them. The best thing I can do right now is to accept them. Or I can choose to be miserable. No thanks. I already lived through that season years ago.

Listening to worship in my car, these three words can help anyone transform anxiety to peace




Today I transition dad from rehab to his independent living apartment. This IS my main concern and achievement planned for the day. Priorities are respiration, pharmacy, and home health care. On it! Later!!

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