Extra is Better

Extra is Better, Thy Will Be Done!

“On earth as it is in heaven” is one of my favorite phrases in The Lord’s Prayer. God made miraculous creations, each one so intricate and extra special. I can only imagine the awe and beauty in Heaven. We can be “extra” while decorating, gardening, organizing, or creating, and in all forms of work and service. With “extra” always in vision, and with focus on God as your mission, nothing is ever mundane and life everyday is always better.

This is so much abundance, so much extra, nothing lacking in God’s work. Look to the flower and it’s intricacy, the variety, growth habits and breathtaking beauty. Outdoors and indoors, alone or in service to another, I am satisfied to collect, arrange, rearrange, organize, replicate, duplicate, divide, share, create, destruct, wash, freshen, reuse, repurpose, and recycle.

Keep Going, Take Action

Maintaining this website is extra. Bahaha. I could jot my thought on paper, but no. I will continue to broadcast, maintain a website, and pay a host. My only reader may be you dear. However, what a blessing to write and work through my own tribulations, sharing insights. Today I am thankful for aktrim.com because I AM LOVING MY LAVENDER OIL and I would not know how to make more if I had not captured the simple process here. Sharing solutions prompted my post and I am rewarded.

We also have eternal opportunities to make things better, for ourself, for others. Focus on God, as a mission statement, and decisions are filtered, hallelujah.

if I want to leave any legacy at all, it is the extra that will count. These are the things done repeatedly, excessively, extraordinarily, lavishly, generously, outlandishly, unselfishly, insightfully, sometimes quietly, sometimes aloud. Day to day career and family and individual mundanities can be punctuated with actions of extra effort. Affections, attractions, lessons, gifts, and successes shared along the way each day make for time well spent.

“You have to assemble your life yourself, action by action.”

Marcus Aurelius

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