Garden and Good Vibes

Garden and Good Vibes Only

Without having to leave home, a garden and good vibes are available, providing respite and exercise simultaneously. This week I discovered mushrooms, figs, purple hyacinth bean blooms (finally), and a yellow flower I am hoping is Calendula. Little white pumpkins, basil, and yellow pear cherry tomatoes were harvested along with figs. Research on new blooms and shrooms is yet to be done.

Nature and Good Vibes

Grow, Prune, Harvest, Share Garden and Good Vibes

Sacrifice and service equal good work and happiness. This is true. Sharing garden and good vibes for the win win then is the end goal. Friends and family need new fig starts and other herbaceous transplants. Weeding and pruning is an ongoing need. Produce including herbs for tea and cooking are beneficial to all. Wow … I am going to have good vibes dripping from me haha.

Have a good week by thinking about your end goal, remembering that sacrifice brings joy. In the garden, in nature, indoors at home or wherever we jive and thrive, we all have so much to share.

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