Steep Tea Better and Less Cleanup

Steep Tea Better and Less Cleanup At the Same Time

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A blue and white teapot on my counter sits, looking like a gorgeous museum piece of art. “Mom, I just realized that teapot you handed down to me is not only beautiful, it has strainer holes built right into the porcelain, in the spout!” She said she had no idea. Treasures and solutions are close at hand, if we just take notice. This new (old) teapot probably came from Japan. Many of the blue and white dishes Mom has given me were purchased when she lived there. Below is a “spout straining” tea pot that is easily accessible from Amazon with lovely design and style as well. Another solution particularly good for finer loose leaf teas is this other favorite featured in a post from a year ago.

Sip Warm Tea Throughout Your Day

Elevate your tea experience by adding a few whole cloves or a cinnamon stick. So good. I use hot water from my Keurig and without changing the tea ingredients, I replenish it, adding more water a couple of times during the day, and even more water day 2. It steeps, and still has more flavor. After the last cup, this pot rinses out immediately with unbelievable ease.

Consider planting a few herbs such as mint and lemon balm. It is so easy. Maybe you have already. Do you use your herbs for cooking and teas? “Life cannot get better.” Creative, meditative, and nutritious well being comes naturally to an herb gardener from planting, harvesting, and using them as inspired. Fresh herbs for satisfying flavor, improved digestion, and medicinal benefits is as easy as a step out to the garden. You can steep them fresh by the handful or strip leaves from stems and lay them out on a paper plate or napkin to air dry. Today I am using my own dried Sassafras leaves, Immortality Plant leaves and Cloves with a dash of Crystal light peach powder. So simple. Life is so good. Alternatively, even more deliciously simple, maybe you want to just buy some.

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