Better is a Habit of Awareness and Action

Better is a Habit

In last week’s post the simple act of noticing innovation and then taking action to refine a process led to better tea time. The next day after my posting, Seth Godin succinctly described the process for moving toward better as a habit. Can I get an AMEN! The thing about better, getting better or moving toward better, is that there are two steps.

What are the two steps for getting or feeling better?

1. Awareness
2. Action

Better is a habit of awareness and action. Better is a habit of awareness and action. Better is ….

You have to notice, call out, identify “the ick”, acknowledge your own feelings and then create your new normal. This is a habit you can form, giving credit to your intuition, inspiration, and wisdom through changing your behavior, pursuing your dream, and getting things figured out. This is a habit to get better. Big life changes and little daily activities all contribute to your well being so let this permeate your existence. Little example: tea time. Big example: when work you do is uncomfortable, misaligned with your values, and your boss is an extreme jerk. If you negate your intuition and wisdom by ignoring what your soul is whispering, suffering and even Trauma with a capital T can result. The inverse? Blissful resilience. Unfortunately so many people are stuck because they stifle their intuition and inspiration.

I repeat: One label it, call it out, acknowledge it, two, take action. Like the little girl in this TikTok down below, she knows what she needs to do. Say “no thank you” and take care of business. Challenges are always presenting themselves. They are gifts and present themselves as stepping stones to better living. Right now Corona Virus is challenging the structure of living and triggering so much awareness. Get unstuck, today look for and listen to all that is good, all that is this “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy” and use those stepping stones to progress.

The picture featured on this post was created by Ludi. To me, it captures the idea of taking inspired steps. Enjoy a virtual art exhibit of more of her work at or at LudiBarrs on Etsy.

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