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Work From Home Can Be Better and Less Can Be The Solution

Waking up excited to work from home e v e r y day is my mindset. Although I love my swinging bench and other cozy spots around the house, standing more and sitting less is a fitness consideration. Is your screen time at an all time high? Easily innovated, a firm pillow on a TV tray transforms into a “standing desk” at a perfect height and surface for my IPAD or laptop. This feels good to stand while I am working online and the view outside is amazing!! INSPIRATION and ideas are popping like popcorn for writing and living comfortably. The hitch in my right lower back is working itself out as I type away. Everything is a few steps away without having to first stand up. I can readily piddle around doing small tasks as inspired, flitting from one thing to another, as I love to do. This is quite satisfying.

Focus on a to do list is “pinpoint lazer” with less on the list after intentionally crossing off or moving items to “defer” status. Why are there still major leveling up type items that just don’t get done? These need more thought. Take time to relax as you think about where you feel stuck. Relax into knowing that there is a creative process to identify a solution and that it will come to you as you stay inspired and open to ideas intentionally. Whatever your preferred method(s), in the shower, while sleeping, upon awakening, through meditation, or on a run, getting unstuck is time for celebration, time and time again.

Bloom at Home

Less expenses easily come about while working from home. Sustaining a better life with less expense that is exciting every day is such a gift. Do what you love as you work from home. Feel gratitude for the alignment that has been achieved through better and less. Personally I am achieving better resourcefulness and less wastefulness, a recommitment to reuse, repurpose, and recycle, development in many areas of interest that were sidelined during my corporate career, and better use of my time for myself and for others. Getting back control over sectors outside of brick and mortar career life has been greatly beneficial. Commute time and break time is all available for better endeavors at home.

What are some of the expenses sited by FlexJobs that may be less when working from home?

Car maintenance
Dry cleaning and laundering
Lunches, coffee
Professional wardrobe
Tax breaks for self-employed

My website is capturing betterments and lessons learned in my work from home transition. If you are committed to learning and possibility, find resources under the Learn tab and stay inspired about possibilities with ideas under the Inspiration tab. Taking action with little steps really can jumpstart “hell yes” days, hence, DIYs are found under Do it. Work from home can be days upon days of going to bed satisfied e v e r y night.


Better Solutions for Working from Home
Better Solutions for Working From Home

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