Focus for Better Results – 15 Minute DIY Series, akTRIM 2019

Why is it so hard to focus for better results? The answer is that in so many areas of life, less of something is the solution. Less allows you to focus more. This brings forth BETTER. Want that? Praying for Focus for Better Results for you.

  • less comparison
  • less trying to meet expectations
  • less exhaustion
  • less excuses
  • less guilt
  • less weight
  • less regret
  • less angst
  • less procrastination
  • less overwhelm
  • less less less less
Inspiration – Organizing Activities

If you have a perfect productivity system great.  If not, 15 minutes of tweaking can PUMP YOU UP! Use the four D’s … do, delegate, dump, defer …. to have better project management through structured prioritization and productivity. Each evening reflect for 5 minutes and reset priorities, select tomorrow’s “do” things, 1-5 projects or steps or attitudes. Move things appropriately and add to your D Lists. The result is that you will wake up with a plan in place to hit the ground running with decisions from the night before. This nightly reflection and reset is a GAMECHANGER habit. Consolidate multiple existing digital and paper organizers into one as you decide which D is best for each item. Consider purchasing a new tool, because it can really inspire Terminator action.

$11.50 From Amazon

How do you want to feel? Make important discoveries, journal, align activities with what your heart desires, while you get things done daily! This planner has great features such as a daily Hot Spot to list what you will get done today.

Simple idea, execution is key. Focus on To Do Today

As with a defer list, keeping a dump list on one page is so awesome because it helps you to ignore the shiny objects that are distracting you from getting important results. You can get something back from the DUMP if need be.  The defer list keeps you organized with ideas close at hand and responsibilities listed so that you don’t forget, for example, projects and plans to serve others.

Delegate. Some workplace managers have this skill, some don’t. For entrepreneurs, delegation usually costs $$.  What is on your defer list that you coulda woulda move to delegate?

All The Things

“When you’re in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried. Perhaps you’ve been planted. BLOOM.” ~ Christine Caine 

A sweetie shared this, it made a great banner for this blog for awhile!

If your to do lists are growing like weeds (hello!) and you are overwhelmed, buried in the dark, it’s time to till, replant with a beautiful specimen plant, let go of the weeds so you can focus on those beautiful blooms!

Do you see how D’s can be applied for navigating work, relationships, finances, and personal development? What else can focus for better results improve?

Challenge, if you choose to accept it. DO the hard things, it is the hard things that build you and your life exponentially. Another sweetie explained that.  Thank you, thank God for sweeties.

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