Bring it In, Bring Nature In – 15 Minute DIY Series, akTRIM 2019

Nature is the Place to Jam

“Bathe in a forest” where the sights, sounds, textures, and scents are restorative and in abundance! On a walk, in the garden, outside and not just in the woods, choose to experience moments of tranquility fully. Yes! And then bring it in, bring nature in with little reminders. Intentionally select things to jolt your mind back into focus and calm your angst. Nudge yourself to take that boiling pot off the burner! Breathe. Transform your workspace, your home, and your life with touches of nature everywhere.


Take 15 minutes to gather a few stones along your path, a pinecone, a recording of the birds chirp chirp chirping. Nature inspired items are also lovely. Flower and leaf, natural motifs can be found in artwork on so many pretty things. A ceramic bird, essential oils, or a bamboo bin reflect the outdoors in any space indoors. Reflect on your situation, be selective of what you expose your senses to, intentional self-care is powerful. Surround yourself with supportive elements. Bring it in, bring nature in! Liberate yourself by making choices to engage in beautiful experiences and moments wherever you are.

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