Be the Tree

When You are Not Heard

Are you listening, to yourself and others? Many truths are bubbling up. If they are heard, they are less likely to boil over. What are your current hot truth bombs that are not understood? When you are not heard, it is heart wrenching. Be like a tree standing tall and strong, willing to patiently reiterate issues, laying out how to make amends. But that is not enough. Others must hear you, and act accordingly, or heartbreak and a feeling of isolation will “stump” your own growth.

Some Hot Truth Bombs, When You Are Not Heard


  • I care about ….   blank
  • I don’t care about …  same blank
  • There is no appreciation for …
  • Ride it out, there is hope
  • Feeling unloved, ignored
  • Issue directed at me, while my own needs neglected
  • You’ll be   blank”    when actually    I    am    not      blank
Strategies To Be Heard So You Can Thrive

Slow down, revisit situations, reiterate missed points, and validate each others feelings. Take action to reverse any damage as agreed upon. However if emotions attached to fresh bruises get in the way of healing, or when you are not heard, and you are not heard, over and over, there just is no progress or solution.  Sometimes a neutral, mutually respected third party can facilitate understanding and growth. Amazing! A few key questions bring forth concerns and needs. These become so much less overwhelming once they are aired and shared. Sometimes behaviors, issues, and “truths” become laughable.  Another strategic resource to to take a look at is at WikiHow.

Your skills to overcome hard times may not be enough to withstand opposite forces. Think about that tall tree and how root structures and soil support can fail, fires breakout, logging takes over and even strong trees topple. Or smaller trees, dwarfed, blocked from sun, in the roots of another tree, susceptible to cold, drought, and wind. Planted on the outside of the orchard, too far for cross pollination, or maybe sprouting in the wrong place, in the middle of a rose garden, not wanted. Be a tree, towering and strong, but you cannot rely on that alone, you must make sure your needs are heard.


Slow down. Listen. Take care of one another. Acknowledge feelings. Devise solutions. Take action. Repeat. Get to the point of harmony. Impossible? Get help at the next boil to reduce it to a simmer till it dissipates, hopefully into laughter. ***Nurture hot truth bombs.*** Listen to hear them, they are the spice of life, and are the transition keys, for moments and seasons well traversed. Subscribe below to receive free inspiration.


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