Essential Oil in a closet or drawer, at your fingertips

Essential Oil in a Drawer or Closet – 15 Minute DIY Series, akTRIM 2019

Love Me Some Essential Oil!! Diffusers and essential oil are wonderful. Adding drops of essential oil to coconut oil to rub on my skin literally made a huge scar disappear this year as it healed. I LOVE essential oil. Sachets are great but I just innovated a new way to have essential oil in a drawer or closet, with additional benefits to those of a sachet. When I decided to grab some porous stones and beads, a pretty glass container, and add some drops of lavender oil, 15 minutes later this project had tremendous results with benefits on the daily. My unique design to provide easy access and application has these elements: an open nonporous container, porous stones, and essential oil.

Dishing Up Bonus Outcomes to Essential Oil in Closets and Drawers
  • Make essential oil more accessible
  • Maintain an incredible scent
  • Breathe it in often
  • Provide instant relief from stress
  • Rub it on skin imperfections (not all oils must be diluted)
  • Improve the atmosphere
  • Induce relaxation
  • Calm nerves
  • Reduce tension
  • Restore mental equilibrium.
  • Run those fingertips over stones then your hair and scalp
  • Twist and coax curls into your locks
  • Spark positivity
  • Feel the enthusiasm 
  • Go with the good vibes
  • Bring intentional action to this moment
  • Sense happiness and joy
  • Love yourself with a little self serving treatment
  • Vibe a calming environment for others
  • Cup your hands and breathe it in
Take Action, Breathe it in

Choose where you would like to put a glass dish or cup that works well for that space. A lovely glass dish to choose would be nature inspired. I use a chunky, heavy, glass rose, candle holder. Amazon has small dishes with words of encouragement like the one above. Select a few porous stones or beads, I combined both. Add a few drops of oil into the dish.  Add more drops as often as you want. You can also add a bracelet that has porous beads, to carry the uplifting scent with you throughout the day.

Take 15 minutes to do this, and other projects in this series like this. Be selective and expose your senses to beautiful things more often. Here, intentional self-care is powerful. Surround yourself with supportive elements. Breathe it in! Liberate yourself by making choices to engage your senses during experiences and moments wherever you are in life. Slow down and appreciate the paradise that is right here. One way to do this is with essential oil at your fingertips in a dish in your closet or drawer.

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