Better and Less, 5 R's

Live Better and Less Harmful Lives, Earth Day Everyday!

This post and list is dedicated to conservation of our resources. Loving the millions of animal and plant species, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand that plastic is not good for the ecosystem, that trash is a problem, things like that. What can we each do? We can start, we can continue to improve, we can live better and less harmful lives. Updates to this post and list to incorporate more ideas as I see them or think of them will be ongoing. If each of us begins to encourage and inspire others our impact will grow.

What are the 5 R’s of Sustainability?

There are options here. A popular five that are easy to follow are refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle.

Think “refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle” and generally in that order. I am finding that the less I buy while I reuse or recycle what I do buy, leaves little garbage. How wonderful it is to only have one garbage bag some weeks. The amazing benefits continue such as developing a minimalist perspective in certain respects that you may not have considered. Loving having less, enjoying organization on a new level, having just the right solution to reuse time and time again, you will find more room and space for fun! Intentional and purposeful actions are extremely gratifying.

This fits so beautifully with the TRIM concept as we Transform, Refine, Innovate, and Master the tactics we employ for our resources. With a vision of TRIM, a mission seeking better and less strategies is quintessentially on point. Focus and status will be described with the three D’s system. Things will move from one list to another as needed to keep focus on “To Do” and get over thinking about all the rest. Yassss!


  • Turn off water while brushing teeth. 
  • The same wide straw from some drink years ago. Rinse and reuse, simple, just feels right, every time.
  • Less straws when I am out.  “No thank you.”
  • Less Kuerig cups, use the rinsable basket. The bonus here is that I am using up ground coffee on hand making space in the cupboard. Win win win!!
  • Less baggies, reusable storage bags are better or glass dishes with lids or even reusing plastic bags. Bread and cracker bags for example make great bags for reuse.
  • Less trash bags, reuse shopping bags.
  • Take glass bottles to recycle.
  • Less wrap, use a plate to cover bowls.
  • I found a 99 cent Pyrex glass lid at a thrift store to cover food items in the microwave.
  • Silicone toppers are great and reusable time and time again. I bought 2, I love mine!!

To Do (ideas)

  • I saved an Activia container and peeled back the lid 75% of the way leaving one side attached. Probably good for extra chopped onions or lemon wedges, I will label it since it is not clear. I think a small office clip will hold the lid closed.
  • The office garbage here has a lot of paper and sometimes plastic to sort for recycle. I have been sorting on garbage day. To do: 1. Get others to agree to this cause. 2. How to provide an easy system to sort without taking up more space than the current bin. Maybe a paper bag For paper and a plastic bag for plastic.
  • Research which is better, glass bottles or box wine. I just got an easy recipe from a neighbor who “used to make back in the day”, could it be good? It uses frozen grape juice concentrate and yeast, hmmmm.
  • Find good options for detergent and dry goods types of items that are concentrated for less packaging or available in bulk, maybe even reusing my containers to fill.

Delete or Defer

Delete perfection. I can fill in more ideas later. This is a start. We have a power outage expected for a week, I am on limited battery. Also, there are many tactics beyond my efforts at this point, that I am not ready to pursue. That is ok. I delete any guilt or feelings other than satisfaction with my efforts. Every step in the right direction is reducing my footprint and it makes me happy! I have come so far!! I want that for more people and for our beautiful Earth.

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