Explode, Do Better and Less “Didn’t Get Done”, Ready Set GO!

A little one was waiting for me to call out a start for her foot race from one tree to another. I didn’t even know she was waiting on me until I looked down and saw her looking up at me, poised to go. Now I turn my attention to you.

Think about when we get to the other side of this COVID situation, about when you look back, what will you have contributed, learned and created? Most people have extra time on their hands is what I keep hearing. Time is ticking, minutes and days are elapsing and if you are reading this, I am shouting 1 2 3 Ready Set GO!


Explode into action, YES everything throughout your day that you listed for focus last night if you are following my system. Before any excuse walls slam up, turn your day from “all the things you didn’t do” into “DONE”, one by one, throughout your day.  Don’t get to the end of today saying “I didn’t do” important things on your list. That list for your focus is a beautiful representation of intentional actions aligned with your values and vision for eternal benefits and impact. You will progress beautifully as you build your inner coach.

What are some beneficial feelings from accomplishment?


Describe Your Experience

The mental health toll of non-accomplishment can be significant. When you describe your COVID experience will you be able to say that you were seizing opportunities? They are there. During normal times, are you typically cheerful and productive? When you are gone, your legacy will be the things you said and did, these describe how you experienced life.

Today I went with a delightful young person new to gardening who wanted a “yellow flower garden” pot project for her deck. She may just have a lifelong addiction now, a super healthy one. Fun! I also shopped for my parents who are under lockdown at their residence, picking out flowers for their pots. Happy! ! In a little bit (update – yikes they are here, push this out, forget any ideas about perfection) I will watch my grandchildren while my daughter works on report cards. Joy! Later supporting friendships, socially distancing of course, we will share happy hour. Cheers! Today, I will inspire positive action, aligned with inner values, and get this weekly article published to help others transform, refine, innovate, and master. Please use the link below for the item shown or click through for whatever items you may need, thanks for using my links! Free positivity to you, the links support my mission, this is totally a Win Win. Feel good, focus, explode, and accomplish important things!!! GO!!!

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