Toward Better and Less Perfection Pretense

That man is walking a bit slow in the street. With no sidewalks, he keeps close to the curb, shuffling along. He is slumped a bit forward, his rumpled baggy shorts are hanging quite low in the back. Delicious treats have thickened his waist that rolls and settles above his hands in his pockets as he ambles on. Although appearing less positive, I imagine he equally benefits from this balmy, beautiful breeze. The birds sing reassurance riffs, while the cool rain hangs in-wait, for he is resetting, and on his way to getting. He is not like our neighborhood Titan jogger, he may not be the best at really much of anything. In spite of this he is putting all of himself, the little that he portrays there is, out there, outdoors. Not waiting for fitness or finesse, he is moving simply because it feels right, even when it looks so wrong. This is when good gets better.

It’s the old “two step” dance, with mental moves.

  • Reset, Get.
  • Awareness, Action.
  • Vision, Tactic.
  • Possibilities, Focus.
  • Treasure, Share.

Instead of perfection, Seth Godin says, “We can start where we are and we can make things better.”

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