Life Advice 2020

Life Advice 2020

Thinking about things on a rainy Monday afternoon, with lovely piano music backed by the sound of ocean waves on Spotify, this time is a gift. The mister is loaded with peppermint and orange essential oils to enhance concentration on a life advice structure resourced, developed, and shared here. There are three main areas for further advancement: Focus, Learning, and Legacy.

Sharpened Focus For Productivity

  • Decide on Important Things
  • Stay Simple
  • Clarify Values

Positive Learning Connections

  • Have (or stalk for free online) Mentors
  • Manifest Proactive Change
  • Have a Template, Filter Pursuits by Values
  • Ask Questions to Beneficiaries 


  • Dream Big, Show Up
  • Boldly Execute Purpose
  • Live Precious, Daily, No Regrets

Having just finished a Blood Orange, it reminded me of this life advice structure. The pith and membranes are focus, learning, and legacy. This structure supports more, it contains flesh, juice and seeds, ie., all of the bullets listed. In your life, what is actually important? Are you being decisive in those important areas? Do you have a beautiful vision and mindset to make positive change? What is your big dream and how do you show up? What is your vibe? What are your flesh, juice, and seeds all unique to you that only you can do, because it is your zone of genius?

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