Troubled Dreams Wake Up Happy or Heavy

Troubled Dreams, What do they Mean? Wake Up Happy or Heavy?

For at least a few days, I have been having what I would call troubled dreams. What do they mean? Some of the things that I can pinpoint just recently include worry, unfinished projects, disappointments, wavering commitment, second guessing, out of stride, hurtful remarks, difficult problems not yet resolved, not enough hours in the day …. wow, bleh to the meh!!!! Usually this is not the case, and life is very satisfying. Resilience is key, no problem, I have been through much, much worse times.

What is a troubled or anxiety dream?

An unpleasant dream characterized by the feelings of unease, distress, or apprehension in the dreamer upon waking. … Though they create anxiety in the dreamer, anxiety dreams also serve as a way for a person’s ego to re-set. from: Anxiety dream – Wikipedia

What is ego reset?

Ego is restored with rest and sleep, positive mood, mindset, and activity.

How can my waking state inspire me?

Waking happy, you feel inspired, already on the path of another great day. Waking feeling heavy inspires you to reset physically and mentally through proper selection of tasks and nutrition, and believing in life’s possibilities.

The words in wikipedia’s definition “upon waking” triggered me …. I have noticed that I have not been waking with my usual joy, and instead I have been feeling a little heavy, and midday even thinking of napping. No thank you! It is time for me to journal more since I have not for the last month, reflect, get some improved lists, reset, and go forth! Time to rethink sugar intake (OMGlucose), proactively address any life struggle, and snuggle back into my usual lovely sleep so I can wake up happy and snappy, no need for nappy.

How are you sleeping? More important, how do you feel when you wake up? Is it time to reset?

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