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Learning, Leading, and Connecting Better and Less Worrying and Waiting

Worth adding to the list of “Less”, are activities called worry and wait that Seth Godin identified. Sometimes less of something is the solution and allows you to focus better on positive actions such as learning, leading, and connecting.

Traps are hidden, **!!&@#!*, watch out for tripwires! Even when there are several possible outcomes because of uncontrollable factors, prepare. Spend your time educating yourself, appropriating resources, and taking actions to create the best scenario whichever the outcome. Prepare to take the lead in the various scenarios. There are so many positive things to do to get your mind off of worry and to keep your life out of stagnation.

Or you can worry about things while you wait. You can disconnect, stay anonymous, and basically hide. Be a follower, the crumbs may get you to the witches’ house, to get boiled and eaten.

Now no one wants that. Let’s all progress to a desired place. Not saying this is easy of course.

A Beautiful Place to be

Here’s the clincher. When you take control proactively during a transition with several possible outcomes, all of the daily worry that the worst is about to come true, that the ax will fall, that the stewpot is boiling for you to be added, all of those premonitions will melt away as you circumvent the tripwire and step into your power in all scenarios and get through this struggle to the other side. Yasssss. Been there, done that.

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