Build Your Inner Coach to Focus on the Process

Focus for Better Results Part III – Build Your Inner Coach – 15 Minute DIY Series, akTRIM 2019

Build your inner coach and focus on process rather than the goal, for better results! As a followup to the original suggestion to use the 4 D’s, “Do, Delegate, Dump, and Defer” to get organized, in Part II we examined the importance to align “DO” items with values and feelings core to our well being. Further, take 15 minutes, er, 17 minutes to watch the video below on how to build your inner coach to make sure you focus on process for better results. Hopefully it will be as interesting and encouraging to you as it was to me.

Journal, Core Values Guide Us What To Do, Focus on Process

Through journaling, focusing, and aligning process, goals are accomplished. Reassessing our values, we can seek new important results. For example, dissatisfaction was completely out of alignment with my customary ”Smile on my face and a Song in my Heart” feeling. After making a huge work change and extracting myself, I am once again feeling satisfied and powerfully positive. So now as I journal, I do not have to take steps to eradicate dissatisfaction. I can work toward service, spirituality, and healthy mind and body core values using writing, solving, itemizing, creating, and researching processes. True, my inner critic chortles at my authenticity daily and says “What are you doing?”; meanwhile my heart whispers to keep stepping toward my destiny, my “one wild and precious life” today.

Organizing Activities

Aligning with your values, as you journal, your “Do” list each day will support, contribute to, and celebrate your well being. You are armed to combat any critic creep so your vision of your best life is solid. New tactics boomerang out of nowhere, and you are on the path of ebullience! You are doing what you want to be doing. Same. As a force for better, this week I also added a tab for resources in my drop down index with the video link, making a space for easy reference. Process Process Process. Love this! What processes do you need and why? Watch the video and in 17 minutes you will understand focusing on the process rather than the goal, you will be coached and fortified and on the right path!

What is ebullience?

In a nutshell, cheerful and full of energy! When positive daily tactics are aligned with how you want to feel, you will be ebullient. This often comes naturally for children, and can be proactively infused into adult life.

How do you build your inner coach?

Journal, Do You (Values), Process. DO the hard things, if your intuition is telling you to, then go after it with a club, eradicate if necessary. Focus, flow, change. This is living and it looks and feels great and precious!

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