Time for Yourself

Time for Yourself to Feel Happy Even While So Busy

Today I hope that there is a moment where even though you are very busy, you may still find time for yourself. So often I hear from others “I’m too busy” or “My work is so important I cannot get away” or “My family needs me every spare moment”. Of course work and family are of massive importance. HeckYeah. Now get over it. 🙂 Honoring yourself is also important.

How to make time for yourself when you are so busy?

There are SO MANY ways
Example 1: Take lunch break outings that resonate with and develop your interests.
Example 2: Listen to ebooks and podcasts on commute, regarding personal growth or fictional stories.
Example 3: Being in the moment, note and linger on great feelings from scents and sights, dispel any negative inner critic banter, declare truths.

For example, with activities as simple as heading out to an interesting walking trail or retail shop during a lunch break, you will experience ebullience where you will FEEL alive, a surge of reconnection with who you are, what you love, personal to you. Cheers!

Time for yourself could be listening to an ebook from the library or audible or a podcast on the way to and from work. My favorite podcasts that literally ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changed my life were pertaining to personal development, side hustles, and inventor’s networks. Hello solopreneur @betterandless.

There are SO MANY ways to honor yourself, but I am going to list just one more; Being in the Moment. Be true to yourself! Feel!!! Sense moments when you see, smell, and hear something awesome and beautiful, linger on that. Cancel out any negative inner critic banter going on. Declare your truth. Filter as need be to serve you (and that is a whole other topic).

Honor yourself and before you know it crazy alignment settles in while satisfaction and contentment begin to pop up more and more often. You are not too busy, you do not need to suffer, you are free to choose how you were born to be, happy!

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2 Replies to “Time for Yourself to Feel Happy Even While So Busy”

  1. Love this!! Always so easy to forget how blessed and wonderful we truly are. The inner critic can be one heck of a bully that can really make us feel down. Those negative thoughts can simmer and reside in our minds, stop them before it is too late! Don’t let them ruin a week, day, or even a moment of our precious lives. Think happy thoughts. STAY positive. The more blessed we realize we are, the more we appreciate our life; and the more blessings that come our way. Stay strong, stay positive. I love your posts!

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