A Friendly Reminder to find Value in the Moment

I have a beautiful mother who has passed along so many ideas, belongings, inspiration, and creativity. Along with painting, flower arranging, gardening, sewing, decorating, collecting, and sharing wisdom on everything aesthetic, prolific, and/or theologic, she created many beautiful pieces of jewelry. When her eyesight and slight tremors became too challenging, she gave me her beads, tools, wire, supplies, the whole kit and caboodle.

For quite awhile, I have planned to make a bracelet with a specific purpose. I am naturally on autopilot. I don’t want to miss out on loving myself, others, scents, sounds, or sights throughout my day. No longer tied to the 9 to 5, I am footloose and free to share and corner the market on the value of the moment all of the time. A perfect tool would be a beautiful bracelet that glimmers … rather than a “remember” band around the wrist that you snap. Ouch. Last week I fashioned a comfortable memory wire bracelet with copper beads that are bright and capture my attention. I added two flower beads, one on each side of a garnet bead. The flowers remind me to notice and experience the beauty in life. I added a garnet bead to remember to recognize value, unique attributes, and love in all.

What do you value and want to remember? What beads would you choose?

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