Seeds of Anticipation

It only takes a few minutes to plant some seeds and every time the reward is that lovely feeling of hope and faith. Certainly these will sprout. The sunflowers will grow tall and faster than the cucumber vines, staying ahead and supporting those vines upward. “Companion planting” is so smart. These sunflower seeds I am planting are from a huge seedhead from a plant last year. A bird dropped a seed in a bed out by the street and I transplanted that sunflower plant to a main bed as soon as I recognized it. Heck yeah! It bloomed almost all summer! I keep my eyes open for “volunteers”. They usually are great additions and become staples to the garden.

Cucs, Sunflowers, okay let’s throw 10 or so dill seeds in a row over close to the front for easy watering and harvesting, they will get tall so fast in this heat, “bolt” as they say, shooting up and then flowering quickly.

I have seeds in a few packets that I purchased. I have seeds that I collected from produce and then stuck with tremendous skill to paper napkin squares and tissues. Also, I have seeds harvested from last years’ flowers and herbs in envelopes and hand folded packets. Some germinate, some do not. There is little stress when most of the seeds are free to me now. Work can include all of this: productivity, resourcefulness, yield, results, emotional tranquility. Ahhhhhhh

Hope and Faith alone sometimes will not get us beyond the ahhhhh to the yum. Love love LOVE on those seeds with water and care for any malady that may arise. Enjoy peeking in on these #sprouts frequently to …breathe, …refresh, …relish in beautiful hope, …to plan to apply this hope as needed in the rest of life, …and to be sure to be patient … and meanwhile, just keep planting so you can keep having planticipation!

There are many metaphors here for work and life. Gardening has always shown me the way. My favorite seeds include Lemon Cucumber, Basil, Easy Mix of Flowers (which includes sunflowers 🙂 and …. well that’s enough to start. Just start. Sprouts sometimes are called Starts. Feel the ahhhh. Let it creep into all of your life. Love you.


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