What we really need most of the time, is simply to be “Resourceful”

Caring for resources ensures reusing them. Rafts, chairs, masks, all of the beach haul, can last “a century” … we even have a “hand me down” raft from my parents! uhhh It’s probably 50 years old.

And then there is repurposing which often provides just the right solution for your needs. I like to save throw away stuff that is clean if it seems possibly useful. Most often I have just what I need on hand. It may drive my sweetie nuts, but he’ll get over it 🙂

There is no place better to groove resourcefulness as in the outdoors. I creatively reuse, repurpose, and resource what there is. Fence off veggies from critters, create a teepee for climbing cucs, create some shade for new transplants…. all with branches cut early spring (best time to prune Burning Bush for example) when there are no leaves yet. I have repurposed purchased trellis, bamboo poles, and pots for new solutions and creations over and over again. Every vignette takes on a beautiful new look and in the process ……. all of my inner vibrations slow down to a peaceful hum. The best part of life is scrumptiously simple.

You may not have a pot to ….. plant in. Of course it is fun to get something new and that also can be done in a resourceful way by choosing better products, considering manufacturing process, looking for healthy ingredients…. I love the lightweight pots I just purchased at a local store. So many on the market to choose from, here are some small pots (set of 10 for $16) to kick off your collection and three larger pots that are made from recycled material in the USA. Be resourceful, relaxed, refreshed, and a little rebellious. As you refine the processes in your life, you will always feel better.

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