Poisonous or nutritious mushroom

Interested in Life, Resources for the Curious

“Sleepwalking” your day, you do not hear the symphony of birds outside or smell the lawn companies at work or notice a cute mushroom that has popped up in a planter.

Then, you catch yourself. Like a snore that wakes you up from a deep sleep you abruptly remember to Sense life in this moment. And you feel it. The air is damp yet crisp as the impending storm hangs and you can feel your skin hydrating as if you are having a spa treatment. Dying trees have been cut and mulched leaving a lingering woodsy scent. Magnificent views are exposed. Life is so good. Refreshed and calm, you walk to return to work, and see the mushroom in the pot that you missed earlier. There are more of a different variety in the grass beyond. Cool! Time to get a pocket guide, because once you walk with Senses flipped on to wide awake, you will be amazed and curious. Stars, herbs, bees, wild edibles to forage… what is appearing in your life, on your path, to peak your curiosity? There is probably a pocket guide to carry along. Observing and learning and loving and awake make the journey joyful. Always be curious.

Well hey! What kind of 🍄 is this?

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