Grow and Be Active at Work

Bloom where you are planted. Thrive at work and feel satisfied with two strategies: grow and be active. 

Every time something needed at work is completely foreign, you have a choice about what to do.  You can walk straight into figuring it out or go around or away from it.  Go straight into learning about it to be enriched, engaged, enlivened. I recommend that you always love learning; a challenge at work is a gift to grow.  Seize the challenge! Learning is living.  I am amazed how many people choose the mediocre path, and go around the opportunity, choosing to pass. The thing about learning is that it is a self replenishing source of life and joy. Conferences, books, courses, nature, a newsfeed, a blog post, a podcast … there are so many modes.  Keep growing … you will love it.  It is the best cure for whenever you feel twinges of stagnation.  The reward is exhilarating as time passes, confidence blooms, and your integrity is authenticated by doing your best. 

The second strategy to increase satisfaction where you are at is to activate your day.  Can you work in a different station, get out in the sunlight or at a place with a window. Maybe go to just one cup of coffee in the morning and get up for a break to have a nice cup of green tea or your choice of beverage midday. In other words, change up your day to incorporate intentional personal well being. Connection at work is beneficial. Actively collaborate with someone, meeting in a different space each time can lighten your day.  Take time at lunch for personal interests and adventures.  When you are active there are so many scents, sights, and sounds to notice and appreciate.  

Life at work can bring interesting activity and growth not only for your checkbook, but also for your well being and enjoyment. Enjoy the journey. If there are many positives at work, you can sing some gratitude every day and deal with nagging desires such as for a four day work week.  If nagging desires or negative workplace situations are overbearing, changing jobs or starting a side hustle to open up your opportunities may be a really good idea.  

If a better life keeps calling to you, sometimes adjustments at work is all that is needed as you realize the sweetness of what you have going.  Sometimes adjustments are not enough, additional opportunities revealed in pursuing a side hustle, a job change, or a career change may ultimately work out better for you.  You deserve to love your life. Reflect and call in more of what you love. Work where you find joy, find joy where you work. This is your precious life. Let go of, stop, or replace hardships with better living and less duress. Bloom where you are planted.

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