How you Want to Feel and Be

Did you know that one or two drops of Rosemary essential oil rubbed between your palms and then inhaled deeply is so restorative! Frankincense drops can be added to your face oil or to coconut oil for clearer and rejuvenated appearance. Or you can spend $30 to $150 for something from Sephora or Ulta or the department store with lots of additives that you really do not want to put on your skin.

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Healing Solutions offers so many great oils. I use a mister and I love it!! I mix a drop of Sweet Orange with 2 drops of Peppermint or a drop of Lemon with 2 drops of Lavender when I want to be invigorated for working. I love the combinations they have too and rotate between Health Shield, Good Sleep Blend, Head Relief, Stress Relief, and Breathe Blend depending on what is going on in my day. For example, Breathe Blend is Peppermint, Lemon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus…. so helpful for sinuses and you can go to sleep with the mister on, it will shut off by itself.

I previously posted My #1 pain reliever is Healing Solutions Deep Muscle Relief oil (click on “Healing Solutions” for $10 off your first order). When added to coconut oil or other balm and gently applied to the area that is aching ACHING aching, it helps so much. This got me through many nights of restless agony while my ankle heals from surgery.

A very simple addition to more fully enjoy each day and night … essential oils are inexpensive and at any moment can bring your mind and body into full sensation. This is a practice that keeps going, growing, doing, and being!


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