Life and Weeds

Mulch is a natural way to prevent weeds. My mulch that I spread in the Fall obviously was filled with weed seed. Pulling weeds will help and getting new mulch to layer on top will help too. Eradicate and stay the course, these gardens are going to be gorgeous.

In life, at work or at home, when you are productively setting worthwhile goals and hitting awesome targets, celebrate! If your team or family is not partying with you along the way, and if the party they are throwing does not resonate with you …. this is an issue. You have weed seed in your mulch. You may have to pull some weeds, and then get more mulch. Don’t give up on your value or give in to alternative beliefs. Don’t let anyone define you. Spend some time acknowledging that feeling of being out of alignment, it is real, but don’t dwell there too long. Life is a garden, it is beautiful on the inside and on the outside. You were born with value and only you can do you. When beauty and success is not defined the same way by people in your life, when alignment issues create bad growth and development, understand it and take action. Pull weeds, get new mulch, you’ve got this!


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