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Should I make a Change, All About Get To vs. Have To

Should I make a change? I seem to be doing better. Eureka! I was nailed (in a good way) yesterday using the phrase “get to” to describe something where most people use ‘have to”. A friend and I were doing some walk and talk, oooh and ahhhh in nature. I was so happy when she noted my use of “get to” rather than “have to”. I have circled back into “get to” land after making some changes. Now, if I sense any dread, I reframe the situation to look for the positives, and usually there are some. If not, well I don’t “have to” partake, and most often I don’t.

Try this simple way of approaching things: substitute “get to” when you hear yourself heading into “have to” land. If “get to” sounds like complete hogwash, and “have to’s” are ruling your life, then it is time to take steps toward change. Your sense of safety and security, boundaries, health, or finances may be at the root of this dread. You may feel stuck or feel that you, your value, and your right to be here is not being respected.

Develop a habit to reframe any negative feelings with positive statements. Sometimes an inner refinement, an attitude of gratitude can jettison happy feelings. Listen to your intuition. Guided with certainty, you can make changes to reconnect to your needs for safety and well being. You are worthy, precious, and have so much value to offer each day when you “get to” do those things that you were born to do.


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