Tap Into Your Power

Feel Better and Less Like an Imposter, Tap Into Your Power

Are daily life (and occupants) … trapping you

  • lacking excitement
  • contrived
  • repetitive
  • filled with anxiety
  • temporal madness
  • inner or external criticism
  • negativity
  • judgmental orientations
  • false statements
  • awkwardness
  • seemingly not practical
  • out of alignment
  • not original or authentic
  • people pleasing centric
  • driven by answers clearly outside of yourself

Would you, could you begin to tap into

  • that call of yearning
  • being a voice for good
  • receiver of good
  • eternal harmony
  • work that is a masterpiece
  • trusting yourself
  • truth, love and joy
  • a full version of yourself
  • a journey to engage in your precious life
  • resourcefulness, with enough, needing less
  • release of all traps
  • contentment and satisfaction
  • strength and answers from within

Old and wise I am. My story may not be told; but there are glimpses, important lessons shared here. Also, ask yourself some questions. Notice when you feel disheartened, resentful or judgmental. Be willing to look within and take action to tap into a shift. Within you is truth, love, and limitless power. It is possible to begin to focus on your self-care, slow down, lose the imposter mode and wonder, what do I want to really do with my life.  Remember who you really are and how beautiful you were made and that you are perfect on the inside and then … project that power on the outside. Impact. Legacy. Yasss

The beautiful tree of hearts featured on this post was created by Ludi, who I met in the Iris Garden Gazebo at the wondrous Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville a week ago. Enjoy a virtual art exhibit of more of her work at ludi.myportfolio.com or at LudiBarrs on Etsy.

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