How To Choose What To Do

2019 Quiz: Ponder YOUR Best Life and How to Choose What To Do

How to choose what to do for your best life in 2019 may be answered by pondering, simply facilitated by taking a quiz. Are your inner dreams calling to you for something better? It may be time for some navigation in 2019.

Are you satisfied or lost? Check your bearings, with the following questions. Ponder each one slowly. Notice where you may need to plan some tactics and strategies to get back on course.

Are you driving on the shoulder of life? Maybe you feel like you are on the wrong road all together.  Is the road filled with irregular pits? Is it slimy with black tar? Are you dodging crap being shot from the hunk of junk in front of you ? Or are you smoothly cruising in your lane of genius and glee? The horizon is beautiful. The road is clear.

Do you love to go to bed, sleep well, and awake delighted and excited? Are you waking up in the night disturbed? Do you dread the day ahead? OR Do you love your life as it is? Wonderful!

Are you thinking you were meant to be more, have more, love more, enjoy more?

Maybe things could be better, with less of certain things.

Is the joy you feel supported by everyone around you? Is something in your life sucking the joy out of daily living? Do you have negative thoughts toward a particular person or persons, or circumstance that is consuming you? Are you trying to recover from an injustice? Have you become someone you no longer know?

Are you putting your full skills and talents and creative self out there? Are you thinking you have more to offer? Have you been silencing your value and allowing yourself to stay small? Do you let your inner critic make generalizations about you such as “no creative bones here” or “no interests or skills or hobbies here”. Do you go to work to hide and/or to just keep your days full?

How to Choose What to Do

I can remember childlike contentedness, while simply laying in sunlight that was streaming through a window; it was so warm. I did not care if I was in my living room or on the carpet in the aisle of the sanctuary at church, I was happy in my own world, I knew how to choose what to do. Lately, moving toward better activities, with less negative impact on my life, I can even begin to feel the contentment of dwelling in Heaven, and I am warmed by sunlight often. Life as I live it is precious.

So, if you are reading this, you are in between sweet childhood and heaven, in the midst of this precious mess called life. Somewhere on the spectrum of merriness to misery, I hope you are glowing, growing, and living the beautiful life you were born to enjoy as you serve and swerve and get all credit you deserve. If you are not serving the purpose you were born for, then you are not aligned to experience daily joy.  You can hear your intuition whispering to you, telling you how to choose what to do. You know already there are steps you need to take, you should trust yourself about simple things as well as major shifts to get you feeling more joy. Ask yourself often, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Laze in the sunlight today, feel a little bit of Heaven now, ponder and pursue your best life. I will be so happy for you!!!

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