START is a 15 Minute DIY

START Projects Better and Less of This Is the Simple Secret – 15 Minute DIY 2020

Stop ignoring great ideas. What will you leave behind done and undone?

Are you failing to get ideas off “To Do” and into production? We just can’t seem to get started. We know the adage, just start!! But still, we ignore our great ideas. What about this idea that less is the simple secret? What? Less of what? The secret here involves less time.

Master of My Time – Well for 15 Minutes 🙂

Trick yourself into action with a nudge.  Block it out on your schedule this week, expecting only 15 minutes of your time. Plan: I can ___ in 15 minutes. Fill in the blank. Guilt yourself, surely you have 15 minutes to start an important project?” This past week I nudged and planned.

  • I can affix the first album page with my ancestry photos.
  • I can watch a 9 minute video and begin to crochet.

No excuses, anyone can squeeze in 15 minutes. Mind over matter. Wednesday before noon, crochet. Thursday before noon, begin glueing placards and pictures into album. Set a timer. Do it.

Can start in 15 minutes
Can do. Can START anything in 15 minutes – Ancestry Album First Page Done

Started Crochet Too, Finally

It works. Better and less. Planning less time, reducing overwhelm, is a winner. Start. Stop the stall. Step to it. Schedule some stuff. Seriously. leSS stalling. yaSSSSS. ssssss . Haha I’ll stop now. What will you spend 15 minutes on tomorrow or Wednesday?

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