Let Light Shine

Let Light Shine

I have been WFH status going on two years and never had a moment of boredom or loneliness, and even less now with challenges presented by this pandemic. I have family new to WFH needing help, adjustments to all things in our restaurants, parents quarantined and in lockdown, neighbors in need, and miscellaneous skills being called upon. So much more needing attention sometimes necessitates choosing between actions. As always, chaos calls for innovation and new solutions and that is where I thrive!

Shining Light: Activities while Safer at Home

  • Calling Mom, Dad, MIL, children, extended family more
  • Organizing at home such as ancestry photos
  • Providing care for littles
  • Cooking nutritious food
  • Doing yardwork to release energy and create beauty
  • Relearning crochet, painting or other hobbies
  • Writing, posting, creating, and sharing resources to serve
  • Accessing free learning opportunities
  • Sending cards to community members, ill
  • Cleaning and changing out winter to spring

Service and work is important. As important is balancing that with self care, creative projects, and down time to fuel beneficence that is better and less loose ends result, this I promise!

What’s one win you had this past weekend? This was the question in a Slack work (chat) group formed to #MakeMorningsBetter. I lightened up a dark iron wall hanging with shimmering spray paint, I also lightened up my website akTRIM.com by removing some features, following my own advice of better and less.

There are so many practical things, service opportunities, and other solutions to shine light and lighten up during this chaotic time of Coronavirus. What was your big win this past weekend? What is the win you have planned today? Tomorrow? Let your light shine!

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