self care with lemon balm

Self Care with Lemon Balm

Simple ways to improve life are my jam, and nothing is simpler than self care with lemon balm. I love love love easy comforts and routines. At home, in the garden and in the kitchen, the most frequent interaction I have is with my lemon balm. It self sows and grows quickly with no attention needed. My kind of plant.

I have more than I can use. It began to mature and flower before I used it. At that stage, it is not so great for consumption. I simply used my hedge trimmer (buzzzzzzzzzz and done) and now I am enjoying all of those fresh tender green leaves again. Those cuttings, oh yeah, straight to the compost pile. That compost is 14 karat gold mulch for my gardens.

There are recipes of all sorts for self care with lemon balm. Drink it. Rub it on. It tastes and smells great. It also is medicinal. Originally I only used it for one thing. I would harvest a leaf to put over a cold sore inside of my mouth. The nesxt day the sore would reliably be gone. Now, I steep for tea, add the green leaves to a smoothie, or simply use as a water enhancer. You can literally rub the leaves on your skin as a mosquito repellent. Topical uses also include soap and moisturizers with lemon balm. They have a few more ingredients and steps, but are not complicated to make.

Easy Peasy Self Care with Lemon Balm at 5536

You don’t even have to use a teapot or strainer. I skillfully haha push stem cuttings with leaves down in my thermal cup and dispense hot water over the top with assistance from my friend, Keurig. I add waer throughout the day, hot or cold. It starts off with intense goodness and continues to be better than plain water even as it loses its punch. Of course other fresh leaves can be included (“jam them in”) from the garden. Those lemon balm leaves just keep giving as I dump them from my water into my compost or combine them with yogurt, almond milk, banana, and ginger for a refreshing protein smoothie. Optional addins are things like flax seed, almonds, dried basil leaves, blueberries, figs … endless possibilities. So good.

CALL to action: Hit me up in the comments if you need a lemon balm start. Hit me up and use my amazon link at the end of the post to support this website.

If you are working outside your home, grab a few cuttings on your way. I used to back out of the garage, step out of my car with scissors, snip snip a few flowers and herbs to situate upon arrival at my workplace. Ahhhhhh. Glad I’m not doing that anymore and can just play at 5536.


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