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Simple DIY Lavender Oil

Joy oh joy, I made a simple DIY lavender oil. It was so fun! I used the cutest jar that I had saved from some lovely Loccitane cream. Already growing lavender, I was all set. With about 8 stems in full bloom, along with olive oil and a tad of hubby’s booze, I muddled and shook things for a month. Voila!

Steps for Simple DIY Lavender Oil

  • harvest lavendar
  • strip leaves and flowers
  • cut up all including soft green stems
  • pile into container (over half full loosely)
  • add a teaspoon of vodka (or more if larger container)
  • muddle (use a muddler or whatever to crush)
  • cover with olive oil (or other carrier oil)
  • shake often for one month
  • add more oil as needed to keep covered
  • strain
  • add label

It took awhile to change from olive to sweet aroma but all of a sudden that lavender oil is ready. I have not strained it yet. Today when I rubbed some on my arm I could smell the lavender. I am sitting on my swinging bench with the fan across the way. It is blowing a sweet scent off of my skin, wow!!

Simple DIY Herbs to Be Well

Save jars, all sizes. They have come in handy for herbs harvested and dried. Making herbal teas daily is beneficial medicinally and mentally as I relax. I am also dabbling with tinctures and oils along with teas, tisanes, and tonics. Do I know all the technicalities? Heck no. Keeping It Simple Sweetheart.

One warning, the oil and jar are a tad messy, but can be quickly wiped onto skin. It is easy to get going on this DIY. Use what you already have at home for another great purpose! You may have other oils in your cupboard that make great carrier oils as well such as grapeseed oil or coconut oil. There are so many herbs that grow easily and have awesome power to resolve issues. You can also purchase fresh herbs and a variety of carrier oils (please use my Amazon link) It will be fun, beneficial, rewarding. Do it! Stop at thrift stores and garagel sales and pick up cute containers for a quarter. Grow and harvest. Create. Be well.


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