Finding Reishi

Finding Reishi and Beyond

At market recently we stopped at a mushroom booth. “Hey, I have those in my backyard!” The Reishi mushroom they had on display was huge. He showed me in his books more pictures. At home I compared pics of his pics to my mushroom. Yep, I got Reishi. Finding Reishi is treasured for medicinal purposes. Further research online gave me confidence that there were no dangerous look alikes.

Simple Harvesting of Reishi

Harvesting was as simple as cutting the large mushroom off of the old stump then slicing it thinly immediately before hardening post harvest takes place. Man were they right when they warned that the mushroom quickly gets hard. It’s wild! I got my favorite scissors involved that were a gift from one of my sons and his gal. After drying on paper plates in my dark laundry area (oh what a wonderful earthy woodsy scent!!), I found a cute jar saved for just such a need and labeled it. Hello daily Reishi tea for many months to come. I also made a Reishi tonic with some booze from my man’s cave.

Simple Havesting of Reishi

Beyond Finding Reishi, Living for Possibilities

Reading, learning, and adventuresome outings give rise to new inklings of possibilities. Going and doing everyday is endless and purposeful. It is the cup of vitaity that overfloweth. I am woman, hear me roar, I am free.

I am woman

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