Collecting, Growing, Building Grit

Building Grit by Doing

Building grit is a path to success. Doers build grit. Saturday it was important to get gas, to be ready since dad had a low grade fever. Don’t get caught unprepared. While up at that corner, I ran into Lowe’s and picked out one plant, one of those green spikes that grow dramatically tall. It may be divisible, there are three or four coming up. A small investment can be multiplied.

One more stop, yes I thought, go for it while I am at this corner. Well, actually no, my Big Lots coupon for $5 off $15 will be saved for another day. The end cap where food is marked down as much as 90% was weak, so I left. Haha, to even get to $15 I will have to get some pantry staples like almond butter and red pepper seasoning that I am out of. But when I get home I will have a LOAD of yum for $10. Seize options, sometimes yes and sometimes no, to achieve and celebrate abundance.

Pockets of Possibilities, Niches of Nostalgia, and Corners of Creativity

After tennis clinic, I had the afternoon to clear up inside, work outside, and create pockets of possibilities, niches of nostalgia, and corners of creativity. Flowers were cut and vased. I picked up a large stick in the grass from the river birch. With so many small branches all fairly flat, it was perfect for a wall display of hanging Easter eggs. Lacking confidence, I hesitated the first time I thought to decorate with branches, I have built a lot of grit since then. Sticks often are on display now. Done, what next? Invigorating music fueled my endeavors. I was up and down steps again and again, in and out and in and out the front, back, and garage doors, and so many things settled into the right place at home.

Corner of Creativity

Sunday, rose canes were tied to new wall anchors, dogwood blooms were added to water in a beautiful vase outside, and a darling basket from a thrift store was tucked into just the right corner. Covering the old swinging bench out back in Matelasse and adding an oversized pillow made the spot even more inviting. The chair cushions were put in place and the umbrella was raised. A decorative table mat and a fancy flower ball from the Pier One last day of closing sale were the final 25 cent styling pieces. Family arrived for late afternoon fun that was magical with grilled eggplant and peppers and more.

Building Grit at Work, at Home, in Life

It is in the doing that we announce who we are. Just like when the kids were little, similar to when I was in corporate life, taking action makes for a fulfilling day, builds our confidence, moves everything forward in positive ways toward purposeful goals. Free to very inexpensive, natural progress is my currency.

Today is gorgeous. Spring has sprung. I am going to write, order free seeds from the local library seed exchange, paint, forage stinging nettle from my son’s yard, and play tennis this evening. Pockets of possibilities in between those activities may arise. Launching from thinking to doing precipitates building grit. And if there is even the tiniest bit of fear creeping in, that is the signal to do it.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”

Vincent van Gogh

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