Taking Control, I See You, Peek-a-Boo

Taking control and Reforesting the Back Five

Unexpected events can transform reality, giving us an opportunity of taking control purposefully and intentionally. My house sits far off the back lot line, with lots of grassy personal space. Just beyond that though, right off that lot line, houses loom. Oh so brightly standing, in standard shades of white and almond aluminum siding. When did that happen? Where did all of the green growth and privacy between us go? Regardless, there they are. I see you.

Whacked and Sidetracked

Call it neighbors’ prerogative, yes, they may clear trees and brush. They had more to lose than we did as far as privacy. Why, why, why? They gained a few feet of yard? We cannot control rightful, seemingly cockamamie, actions. Sometimes not even our own. Wasn’t hubby the one who removed lower branches for ease while mowing? He forgot that that pine was planted for privacy. It was one of those larger investments when we actually hired out the work. A raised berm was created, three pines planted and one survived …. except it’s lower limbs. Oops. Fail. I see you.

Working dedicatedly away from home all of those years, who knew vines were growing rapidly onto our property, thriving while strangling evergreens and beautiful trees, even one so old and tall that you can’t put your arms around it. Taking those invasive vines down had to be done. Turns out that was the “thick” of the privacy screening there. Hello neighbor, hey where did your trees go? Wow, I could jump onto your deck, promise I won’t. But, I see you.

Taking Control Here

Then, the solution of planting lots of new trees came to me suddenly and with excitement that zipped up from my toes and burst out the top of my head. I love that trees are being planted around the world with environmental missions. As an avid gardener, naturalist, and Earthkeeper, why not establish my own arboretum here at 5536? I have always transplanted volunteers to strategic spots and the back five is high priority now. Reforestation commence. Make your mark, set, grow! Hopefully the majority of my work is not too cockamamie but hey that is my perogative.

Wild Foraging
Wild Foraging and Canned Violets

We love to hike in the woods. We gravitate to homes with backyards deep with trees. Arboretums like the one up the way are treasured. Privacy is so special. So why not get planting, labeling, and enjoying more fully our own back five? Resources include oddly located tree saplings and evergreen brush volunteers, specimens I can wrangle from my son’s woods, and 10 Norway Spruce seedlings coming to me soon from the Arbor Day foundation. Adding and layering natural privacy from canopy to ground cover will be an ongoing pleasure.

Someone asked me a couple of days ago, “Are you starting new beds or working on existing ones?” I exclaimed, both! I should have added … and a forest!!

Remember, all is not lost, we cannot control others, we are in control though. We are not stuck. Problems are opportunities. God has a plan and we can step into it with joy and gratitude. Have faith, little seedlings will grow. Plant lots because some are not going to make it. Don’t worry. Smile, breathe, pray, and sow. I see you.

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