Opportunities to Rescue

Opportunities to Rescue Plants, People, Things

I am so pleased to see this “rescue”, transplanted last Fall, featured here flourishing.  Discovered in the grass close to the back 5, wooded area, plants and weeds like this Sweet Annie do not survive hubby’s multiple lawn services to cut and kill.  I have to look back to remember the benefits of this plant but I recall that it is a great companion plant for veggies and has medicinal purposes also.  That’s the funny thing.  Even though I don’t fully remember the purpose  and plan, I do still recall that the find, identification, and the rescue was exciting! I love to see it growing now, and I am certain it will continue to be beneficial in ways known and unknown, and many forgotten.  Opportunities to rescue are there throughout each day. There are huge rewards and benefits

All Kinds of Opportunities to Rescue

There are lots of kinds of opportunities to rescue.  Along with misplaced plants, maybe some herbal tea for a sufferer or making contact with an estranged acquaintance. An environmentally, economically, efficient strategy is to rescue useful stuff in your own storage that is collecting dust.  Before going to the store, shop what you have.  Treasures and solutions are often right at home for cooking, creating, decorating, and so on. 

The Secret to Why Plant Lovers Dig It So Much

Back to the plant rescue, which has unlimited applications everyday, for master gardeners and novices alike. An asparagus fern that was in the wrong place last summer and did not thrive was overwintered anyways in the garage. Today it has new fronds that are super LONG, promising an elegant, massive display of plumage. When this plant flowers the fragrance is heavenly. I am so glad I rescued it rather than tossing it. I look forward to repotting it and enjoying it on the covered kitchen porch.

Know your purpose.  All of these opportunities to rescue will whisper to you. There will be a million things that pull you away.  Don’t toss it, decline it. replace it, or ignore it. Go for the rescue, every time.  The benefits are HUGE, spreading wide and deep.

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