sow seed outdoors in March

March Outdoor Seeding in Nashville, 7 in a Row

After discovering that there are some seeds that can germinate in the cold, that March outdoor seeding in Nashville is possible, I found 4 vegetable seeds that I already had on hand and set about getting them in the soil. I took a different approach yesterday and designed a plot in my garden rather than casting seeds willy nilly. Either way works.

sow seed outdoors in March

A bit of weeding and digging prepared the plot in no time. I planted four rows with each seed 3″ apart using a yardstick to measure and keep the row straight. Turnip seeds first. Behind those, swiss chard. Kale was next, and last, brussels sprouts. This plot is only about 21″ by 21″. There are only 7 of each seed. If a few do not germinate, that’s ok! This will be a very crowded plot but I am feelin’ it. Feelin’ it will all be fine.

It is what I make of it, right? Working it, watching and tending to whatever arises, will bring so much satisfaction. These types of easy and simple DIY’s make days fuller, brighter, and TRIM’d with joy. Whether using design skills and gardening experience in this project or developing creative solutions for everyday living … it is good to keep things fresh, keep the ideas flowing, act on your intuition, embrace transitions, and find gratitude for these possibilities. This life long learner just stumbled on outdoor seeding in Nashville in March, and exciting weeks ahead from sprout to harvest are anticipated.

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