Strong Roots of Grace and Compassion

Grace and Compassion, You Too Boo

When times are tough, when the struggle is real, when fear eclipses me, I will give myself Grace and show myself compassion.

This is a great affirmation for anyone who is struggling, or with fear. I will give myself Grace and show myself compassion. To me, “Giving myself Grace” is not about forgiving. Instead, I claim goodness and poise to transform behavior in the moment. Being an especially challenged one here, ha ha, keep Grace coming! We all also need to show care, deeply and daily, for our fragile selves.

struggle and thrive

Struggle is real and we often think we should avoid it but there are so many beneficial aspects that arise from confronting our struggles. The main outcome of struggle is strength. Hard things cause us to grow. Think of the tree sapling blowing in the wind. Roots grow stronger, deeper, and wider. Greater ability to maintain uprightedness is a natural occurrence.

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We also have to allow ourselves enjoyment!!!! Amen and pleasure to you sisters and brothers. There is one truth about me, about you too boo, we are so loved. Dear Lord let me remember I am loved perfectly, exactly as I am, exactly where I am, exactly, to infinity and beyond. Exactly.

Grace and Compassion

Through connection we are strengthened. I have written about this several times before. In moments when I have self doubts or negative self talk I give myself an outing! Whether with someone I know, a complete stranger, or simply in nature, I notice lovely peculiarities, and observations are heartwarming. As we fill with gratitude, sometimes wonder and amusement, fears and struggles melt away and the blowing winds become pleasant breezes on a beautiful outing.

You Can Avoid Struggle for Ease, but Get Ready for the Blowback

I love the leadership articles in this blog and have been reading them for years. They apply today as much as they did when I was in corporate life. About struggle he said “The less you do, the weaker you get. Avoidance prolongs weakness and promotes fatigue.”

What fear will I conquer today? For me, it is most often during the night that I feel anxiety. I pray. The new day begins and I am hopeful, most days excited, for the day. Why then the angst at night? What is it about? Can I pinpoint specific actions to douse my fears. I will try.

What fears will you conquer today? In what struggle will you stand strong and firmly planted? Be kind to yourself. Enjoy this day.

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