Sweet Annie Joy and Daily Improvements

Find Joy in Daily Improvements

Daily improvements, small changes, can TRIM (transform, refine, innovate, master) personal and professional areas of life. Keep getting better and enjoy it while you do! The key is frequency. Movements, activities, and improvements can be small. I am focusing recently on three things: peas after last week’s post, Sweet Annie, discovered as a volunteer in my garden, and tennis. I also really need to focus on pool options in case we go forward on that. What are you focusing on improving?

Sweet Annie Joy

Last Tuesday I positively identified a volunteer that I have growing as sweet Annie. I planned some daily activities and improvements to enjoy this discovery more fully. Wednesday I photographed it and posted to iNaturalist, which is a great method of cataloguing nature that I highly recommend. Reading that adding this plant in the vegetable garden has helped another gardener to ward of beetles and bugs from concurbins, I was inspired to begin a new note Thursday on my phone to collect this and other ideas for my vegetable garden next year. Also to note, when harvesting Sweet Annie leave the bottom few branches to go to seed and self sow, brilliant way to TRIM! Thursday I notice baby Sweet Annie plants. I transplant them, from the back of the yard, to the herb and vegetable gardens. Maybe there is still time for them to grow and go to seed. Friday, putting branches of Sweet Annie in a couple of inches of water with some glycerine will cause them to stay soft and green to add to my wreath I have crafted from Sour Mugwort that is in the same mugwort or wormwood family as Sweet Annie. Both of these mugworts have medicinal benefits researched and catalogued Saturday. Sunday was time to harvest and prepare herbs. Today I add sour mugwort to my tea, maybe it will kill all the chiggers feeding on me since my Saturday gardening binge when I forgot to use bug repellent. :/

Stake Your Claim With Daily Improvements

Focus, TRIM, make small and constant steps toward the best things in life for yourself. Finding joy is as simple as noticing a volunteer in your garden, listening to a book on a sport or hobby you like, repeating acts of kindness, bringing a better option regularly into your diet, or creatively adding layers of ideas to a project. Claim areas that bring you joy and call in more.

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