Wide Walls for Joy

Wide Walls for Inspiration and Joy

Wide walls

by Anonymous

Give me wide walls to build my house of Life — 
The North shall be of Love, against the winds of fate; 
The South of Tolerance, that I may outreach hate; 
The East of Faith, that rises clear and new each day; 
The West of Hope, that e’en dies a glorious way. 
The threshold ‘neath my feet shall be Humility; 
The roof — the very sky itself — Infinity. 
Give me wide walls to build my house of Life. 

Love, Tolerance, Faith, Hope, Humility, Infinity … Yep. Uh huh. That’s it. Wow. Yes! Is there anything missing?


As beautiful as this poem is, we must own it. Actualize these truths that have been whispered into our hearts. Think about wide walls. Actions to own our destiny, not derail it, are the recipe for a better life with less angst.

What two things will I do today to respect myself? What will I stop doing? What is one possibility for me that I can imagine? What do I want to change? What am I grateful for?

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