TRIM for Joy

TRIM for Joy

You can jump for joy but I say you will get further if you TRIM for joy. Use TRIM tools to make things better. The tools listed below, creating the acronym TRIM, are a great approach to everyday life. Solutions and comfort as well as satisfaction are closer than you may think. It is all about perspective.

  • TRIM and Transform
  • TRIM and Refine
  • TRIM and Innovate
  • TRIM and Master

Checkout these learning tools the Brew has rolled out: Marketing 101 and Finance 101. Don’t miss the sections on free courses and certifications. ON these lists, they avoided old boring articles and added lots of videos, podcasts, and favorite personalities “to help you get a 101-level understanding of complex business topics.” Great stuff. List building at work and at home is something I have always loved and expanded on. I am impressed by these robust lists with links and wanted to share and also add them to my library for learning on this website.

TRIM for Joy

It's all about perspective
See the joy, see the match. 
Work toward better days
Tool up now, lean in and catch!

While we learn more and grow in whatever area we find interesting to MASTER, on the lighter side, a simple addition can be transformative and enjoyable. This cool find can TRANSFORM these dry lips with a color changing, naturally moisturizing lip balm that looks fun to try … and share with friends since it is a multipack. What other simple additions can TRANSFORM your day? Maybe it is kitchen scissors or a timer added to the outlet so your salt lamp turns on everyday at 6PM or maybe a shoehorn. I know these things transform my day.

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