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Do It – 15 Minute DIY Series 2020

Do it, do it! Stand up and do it! When the inspiration hits, move yourself toward the thing. Bam! That was easy.

Recently discussing scents in homes brought to mind all of the candles and essential oils and incense I have that barely get used. I love them all, I enjoy using them, but I forget or just don’t bother. Don’t you love a home or store or place that has a pleasant scent?

So from that discussion I got up and plugged in the oil warmer adding some peppermint oil – YOWZA – in the living room!

In the bedroom diffuser, Peace and Harmony, began to soothe my soul as soon as I turned it on.

Do It, BAM!

A few drops of peach added to a fixative in homemade potpourri in my dining room made me smile remembering it as one of my favorite scents from when my children were itty bitty.

Lighting incense in the evenings as I sit outside is the one thing I do usually remember and when it is still burning and it is time to move inside I carry it with me to really cozy up the kitchen while I prepare some late dinner.

Scents for the home, clearing a counter or drawer, prepping vegetables for the week, adding music to your day, dropping a note to a shut in, or whatever inspiration is hitting you – Do It! As soon as I finish here I can’t wait to go collect leaves for the composter and then plant some bulbs – each should get done in 15 minutes leaving me enough time to throw on tennis clothes and catch a fun game of doubles. Life is good, if you Do It!!

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