Easy Succulents

Try this for Easy Succulents

Grow better and less costly succulents by bringing cuttings of hardy garden varieties of sedums indoors. Sedums are easy succulents to grow indoors and outdoors. This innovative approach has so much potential, for commercial growers as well as at home. For today, let’s just scale back to reality and prepare a gift for family. Grabbing a sad looking rectangular pot while visiting my daughter, I promise to return it better. This literally took me fifteen minutes to empty, clean, add dirt, cut plants from my garden, peel lower leaves and stick in planter, water, BAM!

Easy Succulents

What will you innovate today? Take an eyesore or a frustration or a pain of any sorts, pause to recognize your awareness, take action to try something(s) different to ameliorate the angst and see what happens. BAM! This is how solutions bring harmony into your day using TRIM to Transform, Refine, Innovate, and Master to consistently feel better and less angst. Can I say BAM again? Have a beautiful week!!

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