Time to Be Your Own Positivity Coach

DIY How to Be Your Own Positivity Coach

A positivity coach may ask helpful questions. What may be right before your eyes and you have blinders on? It is time to question things and see possibilities. That is my nature anyways but I’m curious if I can maximize the beneficial outcomes of this form of positivity. When you don’t even know that something is right in front of you, staying curious is hard, but can be so revealing.

It is harvest time for hot peppers. There are so many varieties. It is exciting to add them to stews and salsas, and to dry and grind them with other herbs for spicy seasoning mixtures. Relaxing work and enhanced flavors with chili peppers is a win win. Those little seeds, yep the ones that really add some heat, are so easy to set aside to dry, and then tuck away to plant next spring for new plants. Don’t miss the opportunity to collect seeds from whatever you are chopping or harvesting/clearing from the garden. Likewise flowers, where seeds may be a bit less obvious sometimes, you can still often find the seeds using my simple approach.

The seeds are there to Be Your Own Positivity Coach

So when I am loving something, maybe I can add a step to make sure I replicate it. When I agonize over something else, maybe I am close to a solution that is right before my eyes. I’m going to stay curious, beyond the point of love or hate, to replicate or resolve ….. this is how to refine daily living. Worst enemy? NO! It is time to be your very own positivity coach, the seeds are there. And below 🙂

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