Hollyhock Seed Pod Collection 2020

Seed Collection and Life Lesson – 15 Minute DIY Series 2020

This hollyhock seedpod is visible and filled with seeds. While trimming a ragged looking snapdragon, I noticed seeds spraying from brown, dried blooms and I stopped.  Seed collection is a lesson from nature. It is always correct to pause to make a connection and pursue your collection. Connect: You have to be paying attention or you won’t notice or hear.  Collect: Someone, or something from nature is gifting you, enjoy!  Correct: So I make the connect, aha, little brown hard pellet and “ding ding”, I collect my gift, the opportunity for super beneficial activities (calm, quiet, creation, learning, experimenting, organizing, free fun, master gardening, simple solutions, healthy mind and body, stooping, stretching, stepping, breathing, bliss) while I save and create living plants.  I made the connect, now to be correct, I must collect.

Simple Seed Collection How To

Simple Seed Collection

I retrieve my tried and true, scientific, seed collecting tools, a large and small paper plate to reuse each time. I carefully cut pods and buds or pieces of the plant to extricate seeds. They will burst, fly, and roll everywhere so make sure to stay over your fancy plate. Shake, crumble, or pick apart depending on what plant you have at hand. It’s an adventure, experiment to find your method, your madness.  Toss out parts from your collection on the plate that do not look like seed, that are just dried plant garbage. 

Poppy Seed

You can label year and plant type on envelopes or little handmade taped packets or like 4 year old Niko collecting seed for his mama, even napkin pockets work. Of course labels on packets won’t help when you plant them and proceed to forget what you planted where. Haha. No worries, soon enough they will be introducing themselves as sprouts and then growing on with unique and identifiable foliage and blooms.

Life Lesson from Nature

What are the seeds or gifts nature has for you today?  What are the gifts or seeds you can collect from interactions with people today?  First of all, are you connecting?

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